This week we have carried on with our Minibeast topic. We have live locusts in the class and we used a digital magnifying glass to look at them closely. They were amazing and we were really excited to see them in so much detail. We also went on a minibeast hunt and made some great discoveries.


Frogspawn to frogs

We have really enjoyed watching the journey of our frogspawn turning into tadpoles and then froglets. This week, as they had grown their front and back legs we decided to let them go back to their pond. We have learnt so much about their transformation over the last few months. It was sad to let them go but we know they will be happier in their pond. Later on in the week we had a surprise when our teacher came to school with a big frog! Now we know what our froglets will grow into. We will keep an eye out for them when we are in the playground.

Handa’s Surprise

Over the last few weeks we have been looking at a story that is set in Africa. It’s about a little girl called Handa. We used this story as inspiration to compare how Handa lives and how we live. We went for a walk in Heathfield and spent time drawing the houses and comparing them to Handa’s home. This topic is linked to the subject ‘Understanding the World’ of our curriculum.

The story is about Handa taking a basket of fruit to her friend Akeyo. We made our own baskets of fruit using a weaving technique.

A week later we were amazed when we received a special delivery in the post. It’s was a post card from Handa all the way in Africa. She wanted us to write to her and tell her about what our homes look like. We enjoyed writing our own postcards back to her.

You can find the story of Handa on YouTube.

Sparks Bonfire Party!

Nursery and Reception had a great time celebrating Bonfire Night!

We watched a firework display on the interactive white board and then all had some yummy hot dogs to eat!
We had lots of fun creating some lovely Bonfire night crafts and pictures!
We made (then ate) some chocolate sparklers. We rolled bread sticks in chocolate and then covered them in sprinkles. They tasted great!