Butter making

Part of the Early Years curriculum involves looking at changes. So this week in class we looked at how to change cream into butter. We then looked at how to cut scones in half so that each side was equal and finally we each spread the butter on our own scones and ate it! A delicious and educational experience!

And enjoy!

Handa’s Surprise

We have been reading Handa’s Surprise written by Eileen Browne this week. We looked at all the interesting fruit in the story and then tasted some together. We were amazed at the size of the avocado stone and thought that the pomegranate seeds were a bit like jelly!

The Easter Bunny

This week, we were delivered a letter. It turned out to be from the Easter Bunny! Apparently, he was delivering us Easter Eggs and he tripped and dropped them everywhere in the forest. We decided to go and find them so we followed the footprints he had left and went on a hunt!

The adventures continue.

We returned to school on Monday morning to find that the Evil Peas had been back and had munched through the messages we left for them! During the week we managed to collect some evil peas but they carried on wreaking havoc. We decided that enough was enough so we wrote letters to Supertato asking him to come to our rescue. Fortunately, he received our mail and the next day we found that he had conquered the evil peas and left us a message.


We have had a crazy week in school. We started by reading a story called Supertato by Sue Hendra. It’s all about a hero who saves his fellow vegetables from the Evil Pea who had escaped from the freezer. Then, one morning we discovered some poor vegetables taped around the school and a letter from the Evil Pea declaring that he was the culprit. Unfortunately, Supertato was nowhere to be seen so we had to go and rescue the other poor vegetables ourselves.

Later on in the week we decided to make pea traps because it became obvious that evil peas were breaking into our classroom at night. We caught quite a few. We wrote posters asking for help to catch them and put them around the school. We also wrote messages back to him and left them out in the classroom for him to read. Hopefully the evil peas will have read them by the time we return to school on Monday.

The letter from The Evil Pea.
A pea trap.
A pea trap.
We wrote a sign so the evil peas would see our messages.

Junk modelling

This week we have been telling each other what toys we were given at Christmas. We chose our favourite toy and drew it. Then, we chose the materials and resources that we would need to make it out of junk. As we worked we thought about how we were going to join materials together. We chose between different types of tapes and glues. We were encouraged to look at our pictures in order to really think about how we were going to represent different the parts of our toy. Children reflected on their product and thought about whether they needed to make any changes in order to improve it. The results were pretty amazing as you can see in the pictures. The pictures show an Xbox made by Lucas, a robot made by Jacob and an iPad which Jolene made.

A Special Visitor

In the last week of term we received a surprise visit. It was Santa with a very special elf! He gave us all an early gift which was a book. We told Santa about the letters we had written to him and he said that he had enjoyed reading them. After he left, we shared some of our stories together. What a great day we had.